Ministry Of Youth and Social Development






The Ministry of Youth and Social Development is saddled with the following core responsibilities:

  • Providing an enabling and empowering environment for Youth development.
  • Promoting effective Citizenship and Leadership Training.
  • Registering and Supervising the National Youth Council of Nigeria (Lagos State Chapter) voluntary youth and youth focused Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Relating with National Orientation Agency (NOA) for public enlightenment and campaign.
  • Facilitating Medical Social Work Services to indigent citizens i.e. destitute, accident victims etc.
  • Supervising and monitoring of Non- Governmental Organizations, Orphanages, Day Care Centre and Home relating to Social Welfare Services.
  • Providing family and Juvenile Welfare Services, School Social Work Services, Adult Probation Services and Child Development Services.
  • Supervising and monitoring of Youth Centres and play grounds for recreation
  • Providing Rehabilitation and Vocational Training for Destitute and People Living with Disabilities (PWLD).
  • Providing Institutional care for the aged/elderly citizens.
  • Facilitating adoption, fostering, guardianship and child custody.
  • Enhancing Juvenile Justice Administration Probation Services.
  • Supervision of Lagos State Office for Disability Affairs (LASODA).


          The Rehabilitation Department is saddled with the responsibility of reformation and restoration of Mentally Challenged, Destitute, Physically Challenged, Beggars and Drug Dependents.

     The Department is comprised of the Rescue Operation Unit, Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Majidun, Ikorodu, Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre, Isheri, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Owutu, Ikorodu, Destitute Camp, Oko-Baba, Wellness Centre, Folarin Coker Clinic, Alausa, Secretariat Ikeja, and Tajudeen Olusi Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre, Ajah, Lagos.


The Ministry Child Development Department provides adequate care and protection for vulnerable children, abandoned, homeless, abused and other children whose rights and privileges as stipulated in the child Rights Law (2007) have been infringed. Child Protection Unit (CPU).

                                          SOCIAL WELFARE DEVELOPMENT

The social welfare is a department in the ministry that coordinates the following unit:


      School Social Work Services is a unit in the Social Welfare Department of the Ministry that is saddled with the responsibility of bridging the gap between the Community, Family, and the Education system.

     The School Social Worker is an integral part of the educational team that works with School Administrators, Teachers, Counselors, Psychologist, Medical Personnel, Parents of school children, other agencies of Government, and the community at large in the best interest of the school child in accordance with the Child’s Rights Law of Lagos State 2015.

                                     ADOPTION & FOSTERING SERVICES

      The Adoption is a process whereby suitable persons by legal means acquire parental claim over certain categories of children with/without blood relationship. It could either be Local or International.

     Fostering is the placement of children in need of care and protection in the hands of fits persons by means of a fostering order.


            Correction is the process of re-socializing and re-educating Juvenile delinquents with a view of reintegrating them back to the society. The activities of this unit are aimed at preventing relapse, rehabilitating and integrating offenders and for behavioural modifications. On the other hand, care of the Elderly is aimed at improving the quality of life of Senior Citizens and strengthening the existing traditional Institutions for care of the aged through establishment of shelters.

The following are the Centres under Correctional /Elderly Care Services:

  • Children Centre, Idi- Araba (6 – 10 years)
  • Special Correctional Centre for Girls, Idi- Araba (10 – 17 years)
  • Correctional Centre for Girls, Idi- Araba (10 – 17 years)
  • Correctional Centre for Boys, Birrel, Yaba (10 – 14 years)
  • Special Correctional Centre for Boys, Oregun (10 – 17 years)
  • Correctional Centre for Boys, Isheri (14 – 18 years)

Old People’s Home, Yaba (65 years and above.

                                    FAMILY SOCIAL SERVICES

       As a proactive approach to the preservation of family stability which is core unit of the society, the family social services perform its major function of service delivery to the teeming population of the State to strengthen and ensure the cohesiveness of the society. To achieve these core objectives, the unit’s focus is on:

  •    Addressing issues of neglect of the child and ensuring proper and adequate maintenance.
  •    Resolving custody and access of the child between estranged couple, resolving paternity of the child where there is denial or dispute.
  •   Investigation of Cases of Children who have been abused, and partnering with other relevant agencies to ensure that victims get justice.
  •     Providing protection for Children who have been abused and partnering with other relevant stake holders.
  •     Providing corrections for Children found to have exhibited anti-social behavior.

Provision of pre-marriage and marriage counseling for couples.

                                       MEDICAL SOCIAL SERVICES UNIT

         Medical Social Services Unit in the Social Welfare Department of the Ministry is concern with following:

  • Supervision of Lagos State Wellness Centre.
  • Conduct social investigation on abandoned patients.
  • Make referral to relevant institutions/Home.
  • Assist patients particularly road traffic victims, abandoned patients and link-up with their relations.
  • Liaise with relevant Hospital Management to provide care for indigent patients.
  • Assisting with patients’ placement in their Social Homes relevant to their needs.
  • Screening of patients with the aim of re-integration.
  • Access the psycho-social function of patients and families and intervene as necessary.
  • Preventive care, providing psycho-therapy, supportive counselling of grief.
  • Help patients and their families cope with the emotional and social responses to illness and treatment.
  • Any other activities that may be assigned.

                HUMAN INTEGRATION

            Human Integration is the process whereby physically challenged persons, destitute, beggars, delinquent and vulnerable people with varied social   problems are supported with necessary services to remain re-united with their families and relevant to their community after release from Social Welfare Institutions and   Rehabilitation Centres. The Unit also monitors to ensure adequate care and protection of Adopted Children’s rights till they attain the age of eighteen.

         The mechanism of regular supervision and monitoring of these categories of people is targeted at realizing the goal of their ultimate re-integration back to the society.

                           RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT  

    The Unit is responsible for the registration, monitoring, regulation of Homes/Orphanages/Crèches and Foundations. The recommendation for approval and registration based on satisfactory fulfillment of the requirements and operational guidelines already approved by the Ministry.

                          YOUTH DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT

The Youth Department is concern with the following:

  • Organise international Youth day celebration
  • Organise life skills and livelihood skills programs
  • Identifying public open spaces for development into Youth Centres in line with Lagos State open space policy
  • Monitoring and supervising of activities at youth Centre and playgrounds
  • Management and super vision of Ipaja Youth Hostel
  • Registration of Youth focused voluntary and Governmental organisations
  • Monitoring and coordinating activities of registered uniformed and non-uniformed voluntary Youth organisation
  • Supervising activities of National Youth Council of Nigeria (Lagos State Chapter)
  • Mobilizing Youth organisation for state programs
  • Monitoring and evaluating Youth programs
  • Collate weekly, monthly and annual data/report of activities of the Youth Development Directorate and her clients
  • Staff Matters     

                     PUBLIC AFFAIRS UNIT

         The Public Affairs Unit in every organization is that unit which relates with the publics (Consists of both internal and external public) with an interest in that organization. Invariably it is a one stop center for information gathering. We combine government relations, media communication, crisis management, corporate and social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communication advice, press and media relation.

     The unit also engages in event management and coordinate programs and activities of other department/unit, for the purpose of publicity, effective coverage and evaluation/feedback. The unit as an integral and key unit of every MDAs reports to the chief executive officer and accounting officer that is the Honourable Commissioner and the permanent secretary respectively.

    The unit also engages in protocol duties for the chief executive as the case may arise.

In performing our duties effectively, the unit interfaces with other ministries especially, Ministry of Information.

Motto: Promoting the dignity and worth of people.

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